Not just you, even the flamboyant clothes who walk in SPIN CYCLES have few queries. Read below, get to know us more and dump your laundry in our hands. If you didn’t find the answer to your question, mail us or call us.

You can either schedule a pick-up through this site (our apps are on the way) or you can call us at 888 000 4880. Alternatively, you can drop a line at orders@spincycles.in and we will reach out to you.

The pick-up agent will have bags. Let him know which are for dry clean, which ones for premium wash or just steam press. You can also specify the amount of starch you like. He will take care of the rest.

Of course. Please cancel the order before three hours of your scheduled slot either online or by calling our customer support at 888 000 4880

Yes, of course. Please call us at 888 000 4880 or write to us at orders@spincycles.in with your order reference.

We attempt pickup or delivery twice, with no additional cost. Should it be a later attempt, a fee of Rs 50 will be charged per pick-up or delivery. Of course, we call you up and confirm your convenient time, so chances are that you will not incur this charge.

Ah, the mysterious process…

It is very similar to cleaning using water but instead of water we use an organic dry cleaning compound. Some people use the term, ‘petrol wash’. There are more advanced & skin friendly agents other than white petrol available in the market today.

The agents evaporate quickly on contact with air leaving no moisture behind and hence the term, ‘dry clean’.

We call it the premium wash because it is premium care for your garments. Not all clothes need to be dry cleaned. Some like your branded white shirt looks great after premium laundry. They go through temperature controlled water (Egyptian cotton towels go into hot water) with anti-bacterial, oxygen bleaches, optical brighteners added in. Fabric Softeners are added during the rinse cycle and if the fabric requires it, during steam press, an optimum amount of starch added.

We recommend premium wash for cotton, cotton blends, home linen, cotton sarees, linen and linen blends and our favorite, kids wear. You can be rest assured that the clothes they wear will be 100% germ-free.

Your expensive branded clothes are for dry clean. So are clothes with labels that say ‘dry clean only’.
Clothes with a high chance of color bleeding also come under this category.

Wool and wool blends, silk and silk blends are strictly for dry clean. The natural fibers weaken with water and lose their shine. Tussar, organza, appliques, taffeta, brocade, pure chiffon, crepes and Georgette etc will also be for dry clean.

The million dollar question.
We all hate to see our favourite top getting these awful stains. But you see, each stain is unique for these reasons – the fabric type, the staining agent (turmeric, grease, blood etc), the setting duration (2 days, 1 day after washe tc) all play a role in deciding whether the stain can be removed completely.
We also factor in the part that the fabric must not lose its strength or get damaged during the stain removal process.

So we cannot guarantee that the stain will be gone 100%, all the time. But we have a very high success rate. One of these days, we are thinking of publishing our stain removal chart. A chemistry major will be proud.

Also, if you know the staining agent, please let it be known to the pickup-agent or the store manager. It will help us a lot!

RO water for both regular and premium laundry.
It is also treated before being let out into the sewers.

Yes, of course. You can pay by card at all SPIN CYCLES outlets. For your convenience, CARD ON DELIVERY is in place for home delivery orders as well. We also offer you multiple payment options through our online payment facility. Checkout our wallet topup offers available here.

Not acceptable. We take pride in what we do. So please feel free to drop the clothes at the stores or call us if you have a scheduled a pick-up. We will reprocess it free of charge.

Please write to us at support@spincycles.in or reach our customer support team at 888 000 4880.

FAQ - Wallet

SPIN CYCLES is the fastest and most convenient way to pay at our stores or online at spincycles.in , where you can load funds into your wallet and pay using this balance for your orders. In addition, receiving refunds and cashbacks into your SPIN CYCLES wallet is fast and convenient. You have the added advantage of getting extra balance when you top-up using our OFFERS (insert link to page) page .

You cannot transfer the balance to your bank account or any another account. We would like you to write to us at support@spincycles.in to brief us on the issue you are facing.

Easy. You can either Go to “My Wallet” under “My Account”Page or go to the Offers page under Home Page and top-up. You will then be directed to the payment page to pay by credit/debit cards, netbanking or other online wallet.

On successful payment, your SPIN CYCLES wallet should reflect the new balance in a maximum of 15 minutes.

The amount that you top-up to the SPIN CYCLES wallet has an expiry time of 365 days.

If you have topped-up using our Offers, other promotions and discounts will not apply in conjunction to this. If you have simply topped up the wallet without any related package offers, then any other promotions or discounts will apply with their related T&C.