REDUCE & REUSE - a SPIN CYCLES initiative towards better environmental practices in our packaging

SPIN CYCLES has made the following steps towards being more environment-friendly in terms of its packaging. 

1. Replacement of plastic hangers with metal hangers.  This was an easy first step for us. The rust-proof galvanized metal hangers allow us to avoid plastic. These metal hangers are 100% recyclable. 

2. Less than 5% Virgin Plastic. We only source from vendors who use recycled plastic sheets and pellets. We guarantee that we will be 100% "virgin-plastic-free" by the end of 2020.  

3. 100% Recyclable. At SPIN CYCLES, each and every packaging item is 100% recyclable.  You might have noticed our recent move to abolish non-woven plastics. We have removed non-woven bags and blazer covers and are now using HDPE and PP. As you are aware, both HDPE and PP are the most readily recyclable plastic. It’s the homogenized, recycled HDPE that is being reused as our packing bags. 


You, our esteemed patron is now the missing link. We humbly request you to return all our packaging for us to recycle. You can either drop them to any of our SPIN CYCLES stores in Bangalore or hand it over to the SPIN CYCLES’ delivery executive when he comes over for a laundry or dry clean pickup. We have supply/process chains already in place to recycle our plastics so please trust us to recycle sensitively.


SPIN CYCLES is always pursuing better avenues to address packaging in relation to the health of the environment. Rest assured, we will always improve in the direction of providing more environment-friendly packaging. 


While you are here, we request you to spend a couple more minutes to read how SPIN CYCLES follows clean and green environment factors in areas such as recycling water, avoiding fossil fuels, adopting organic chemicals etc. Click here