SPIN CYCLES is a pioneer in the premium laundry service and dry cleaning service in Bangalore. We take pride in having introduced the concept of premium laundry in India with unique six step sigmacare processing, understanding quite early on that home linen needed to be safe and clean enough to be used by babies and infants and hence needs a rigorous wash care process compared to regular wash and iron. We also introduced automated saree roll press and saree polishing to silk sarees are pressed at optimum heat to minimise damage to silk.

With the introduction of shoe repair and bag repairs, SPIN CYCLES has been constantly adding value and innovating its suite of dry cleaning services.With the plethora of features and a keen eye towards environmental conservation. we can safely say that we offer the best online laundry service in Bengaluru


SPIN CYCLES understands that we as a company have a social responsibility in-addition to being the best at the services we provide. We would, in the near future, like to take laundry and dry cleaning one step further and GREENER: Ozone Cleaning: Our initial tests with ozone, clean water and optimum detergents have proved as effective as our ‘premium laundry’. Our motive is to cut back on electricity usage.


At SPIN CYCLES, we look after more than your clothes Environment and health, being the basics are given top priority. So much so that we are State APPROVED for being non-polluting.
Following are the things we always pay close attention to:

  • Water Recycling

    With a purpose-built ETP solution, we re-use most of the water we use. One of the reasons SPIN CYCLES came to be was knowing that in a rapidly growing city like Bangalore, most laundries and building societies don’t have proper water treatment before being led into the sewers, thereby polluting our ground water and other water bodies. You can use SPIN CYCLES for your laundry needs knowing that water is treated, cleaned and reclaimed.

  • Clean Energy

    Fossil Fuels and non-renewable fuels are ruled out in SPIN CYCLES. So out went Wood-fired, Diesel equipments which were the cheaper alternatives. We use cleaner, renewable electricity.

  • Clean Water

    Our water for cleaning is treated for one important reason - Better cleaning of your garments using lesser chemicals. It also prevents the yellowing of whites, residual carbonate deposits on your clothes, enhancing the life of your clothes.

  • Skin & Environment Friendly Chemicals

    We at SPIN CYCLES understand the implications of using chemicals to clean clothes. So when you handover your clothes to us, rest-assured that it’s safe to wear against your skin.

  • Wet Cleaning

    Ironically this is THE FUTURE of dry cleaning. Using specialised machines, non-toxic chemicals, we intend to not use dry cleaning but achieve the same results. Benefits are alleviation of hazardous waste removal and water contamination.


  • Premium Laundry

    As the pioneers of “Premium Laundry”, SPIN CYCLES understood quite early on the added advantages of the optimum wet cleaning - clean water, appropriate water temperatures, anti-bacterials, and a small amount of starch ensured that your clothes looked as good as new. If your clothes lifetime was 40 washes elsewhere, at SPIN CYCLES we ensure it is at least 40% more.

  • Saree Roll Press

    Imagine you or an ironer ironing your silk saree, back and forth, fold after fold. Pure silks, pure cottons withers under such treatment. To avoid this, our purpose built and world’s first automatic saree roll press machine which ensures your expensive handlooms come under contact with optimum steam/polishing agent. Also, the heat is controlled automatically depending on the fabric type. This ensures that your saree’s life is extended and becomes a heirloom piece that can be handed over to your daughters and granddaughters.