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* T&C: Min order value for all Empyrean Members is Rs 399 to avail no-cost pickup & delivery.

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Our cleaning chemicals are non toxic, skin-friendly agents that are safe for your family.
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We give importance to the environment. We recycle 100% of water we use. We are certified non-polluting
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You are automatically rewarded with special pricing, offers & discounts based on your usage pattern.
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With stores, on-demand pickup & delivery, express services - we work at your convenience.

Membership Offers

Membership Offers

Membership & Loyalty Points FAQs

Membership & Loyalty Points FAQs

Simply by placing an order with us. Once your order is delivered, Loyalty Reward points, according to the bill value and according to your membership plan, will automatically credit to your account.

Your Loyalty Reward points will not expire if you have been active with us for at least once a year. If you are inactive with us, more than a year, it will then expire 365 days after your last order's due date.

By logging into our webapp or our IOS /Android apps and going to “My Account” section. You can view your current membership plan, their validity, your Loyalty Reward points, your wallet balance and all information regarding your orders are available for you.

At any time, you can convert the Loyalty Reward points to its proportionate amount that will then be added to your SPIN CYCLES wallet. This wallet balance can be used to make payment against any of your future orders -in part or in full.

Loyalty Reward Points are automatically added only once the order is delivered.

Your registered mobile number will be checked for an active membership. If you are an active Empyrean Purple member, the 5% additional discount is automatically applied when the order is billed in-store.

By logging into our webapp or our IOS /Android apps and going to “My Account” section. Tailored and membership-specific rewards and offers are available in addition to the existing Loyalty Rewards. Also, these promo-codes can be applied in addition to the 5% store walk-in discount, so you can save more. Just remember to let the store executive know your promo code. It cannot be applied later if you forget it at the time of billing.

You can use the Empyrean membership and utilise the benefits until the validity expires and choose not to renew it. The Empyrean membership fee paid is non-refundable and members will continue to enjoy the program benefits for the duration of your membership term.

You can write to us at support@spincycles.in and we shall reach out to you.

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