Wash & Iron Service

If you're looking for regular wash and iron, you can very well opt for the wash & iron service. In wash & iron service, clothes are cleaned in the machine using our custom bio-enzyme antibacterial detergents, gently tumble-dried and steam pressed. 

Similar to the wash & fold service, wash & iron service is taken in kg basis and are the cheapest laundry option available to you.

 If you are looking for an online laundry service in your location check here to book your order.

  • Washing Machine Wash
  • Steam Press
  • Suitable for daily wears
  • Pricing is based on weight

We do not accept home linen under regular wash. Home linens are usually not cleaned as frequently as daily wears and requires a hot-water, antibacterial treatment to make it safe for use.

We also do not accept designer wears, silks, etc under regular wash as this service will not be suitable for cleaning these garments.


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