Quick guide on Bag care and handbag repair in Bangalore

Quick guide on Bag care and handbag repair in Bangalore

Quick guide on Bag care and handbag repair in Bangalore

Are you thinking of throwing off your favourite leather bag due to its condition? Are you going to get rid of your expensive wallet due to its scratch marks? Please stop and reconsider. SPIN CYCLES provides a wholesome repairing and restoring services to all your travel bags, handbags, wallets, laptop bags etc. Hand bags like totes, satchel or purses are mostly expensive items which will receive a new life if it comes to us.

Handbags repair services

Handbags repair in Bangalore can be your concern as lot of questions arise in mind. Our in-house staffs are experienced and skilled in all types of repairing jobs. Your favourite bags are in safe hands and you will get pocket friendly prices as well for availing our services.


We use superb quality stitching equipment and methodology to ensure that your handbags and accessories remain intact. We can repair the entire lining of the bag and damaged or cracked handles.The look of the bag becomes better and almost new.


Premium quality zips are mandatory for all kinds of handbags, purses, jackets and other accessories. Our mission is to maintain the quality for each and every accessory provided. We have a wide variety of zippers from all luxury brands in different colours. We can even attach new zippers to bags which don’t presently have one.


We always try to replace the straps of handbags or travel bags with similar material, if not the same. We can replace or add shoulder straps to various bags without compromising on our standards.

Leather cleaning needs

Genuine leather is quite expensive and cleaning techniques are also distinct. Leather is a natural product and has a specialized cleaning process. Therefore you should always consult professional handbag dry cleaners for all your precious suede, patent and leather bags.

Leather bags are regularly used outdoors which allows dirt and dust to sit on it causing strains.Our high quality leather cleaning service ensures that the nature of the stuff is not compromised throughoutthe cleaning process. We also have the facility of leather conditioning to get the original sheen and look back of your exotics bags.Fake leather or faux leather is not similar to real leather. So, it is prone to breakage and deterioration with frequent usage. Our bag repair services will be absolutely suitable for you.

  • Dirt & Dust – This damages the original colour and texture of handbags Exposure to sunlight results in colour fading.

  • Ink stains – A leaky pen can sometime stains the body of the bag even the lining.

  • Grease/ Oil Stains – Leather is porous in nature so oil can easily seep into it, leaving behind a ghastly blotch. 

  • Dehydration – In dry and hot weather conditions, the leather of your handbags tends to shrink and crack.

Spin Cycles provides you a one-stop-shop for all the problems related to bag repair in Bangalore. This convenient bag repair process can be accomplished by our store visit or you can also book online. For the online orders, pick-up and drop facility can be availed.

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