Heal your broken heel tips!

Heal your broken heel tips!

Your dressing is not complete without a good pair of shoes to go with it. Surprisingly, 70% of the people you see when you step out, cast their first glance on your shoes. This is one of the reasons you should always consider putting on good shoes. Your shoes could gain you an overwhelming admiration from people around you and adds class to your dressing. However, these shoes might just get old when you have just started enjoying them or they some faults like; a broken heel tip, and you might have to lose your shoes but there is always a way out of such a situation. Have you thought of repair? Yes, you could “heal the broken hell tip” and you will have your shoes back and in good condition.

Heel Tip Replacement

Whenever the heel tip of your shoes is worn-out or broken, it is good to get it repaired or replaced immediately to avoid the pull of the inner metal or having to make some unpleasant noise when you walk. Here at SPIN CYCLES, we offer our professional service to the replacement of your heel tip. We carefully remove the worn-out tip and provide a matching tip for its replacement. With our replacement service, we remove the damaged heel tip and replace it with a size and colour appropriate replacement so you can start wearing your favourite pair of heels again.

 Getting your heel tip replaced through SPIN CYCLES' services gives you the guarantee of an actual fit of your shoe’s heel tip, affordable price for an excellent service, and a feeling of satisfaction. And most times, it just feels like you are putting on a new pair of shoes.

Benefits of heel tip replacement

Save money: getting a new pair of shoes can be very expensive. Not just that, it can also take an extra charge for delivery and you might not get an exact shoe like your old one. Now, replacement of the broken or worn out heel tip is your best option. It saves you a lot of money because it only costs less to replace a heel tip, it also saves a lot of time because it takes only a little time to replace the tip when compared to the purchase and delivery of a new one.

Maintenance culture: as awful as it may sound, your shoes could be one of the things you pass down to your children. This has a way of passing a message of maintenance to your children. Discarding your shoe because it has a broken heel tip will kill this goal. However, replacing a broken or worn-out heel tip will make the shoes last longer and give you a satisfying feeling of maintenance.

Gain new balance: with a worn out or broken heel tip, you are constantly losing some balance when you walk. This is because the shoe is no longer getting the balance it needs from the heel and this may actually affect your walking step and confidence. Getting a replacement for it, gives you back your confidence and balance.

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