Hope your loved ones are safe and you have had a chance to catch up on much-needed family time..

And to the queen of the household, we salute you. We understand that it was business as usual at home, busier than ever.  We are now open to take a load off your hands and to give you a much-needed break - at least in terms of laundry. 

Considering that many countries have classified laundry under “essential services”, even though in the pre-COVID-19 era, laundry was hardly thought as a life-saving service, the numerous research articles and now common knowledge that viruses can live on clothes for a limited period of time, it has become all the more crucial to launder our clothes with proper disinfection procedures.

Now that hygiene has become second nature to us - cleaning clothes, home linen, carpets religiously - especially when there are babies, children and older people is now more essential than ever and needs to be given its due importance. 

At SPIN CYCLES, starting from February 9th, we have made it the de-facto standard to sanitize laundry. We use a combination of high temperature (60 degrees and above) and an oxidizing agent namely activated oxygen bleach to ensure that 99.9% of bacteria and viruses are killed. With regards to dry clean, the organic cleaning agent itself acts as a disinfectant.  That’s just one part of the story. To prevent cross-contamination, all aspects of the interaction of garments from delivery bags, to washing equipment, covers to your final order bags are disinfected periodically. 

We also ensure that our team is wearing masks and gloves at all times, along with delivery checks. 

We urge you to not take chances with your clothes and linen - get them disinfected now that the world is slowly trying to limp back to normal.

So be rest assured, your laundry & dry cleaning is in safe, sanitized hands.