Dry Cleaning Service

Dry cleaning service is the most popular service for cleaning your silks, woolens, wedding outfits and designer wear. With dry cleaning, plain water is not used as a cleaning medium, instead, hydrocarbons or other green chemicals are used to clean your clothes. Unlike possible carcinogens like perc, we use skin friendly and environment-friendly cleaning process.

Stain removal is also a part of our dry cleaning service. Note that stain removal is tricky and depends on a variety of factors like staining agent, duration of stain and heat exposure, underlying fabric quality etc.

Quilt cleaning and duvet cleaning is also part of this service. Dry cleaned clothes are then steam pressed and packed in a travel and wardrobe friendly packaging.

  • Stain & spot treatment
  • Skin friendly solvent
  • Color fastening
  • Starch as required
  • Perfect for silks, woolens, designer wears
  • Travel/Wardrobe friendly packaging
  • Travel & Steam Press



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