SPIN CYCLES provides you a package to cater for all your laundry needs - premium washing, regular washing, dry cleaning, starching, ironing, carpet/duvet/curtain cleaning and even shoe laundry.

Long and irregular hours at work, a tiring commute and working on weekends can sap the energy out of most of us. And then there’s the laundry to do. It leaves us wishing for quality family time, a time to put our feet up, relax and connect with people. This is where Spin Cycles can come in handy for you.

Spin Cycles Laundry Solutions is your neighbourhood one - stop - shop for all things clothes. We make it a point to understand clothes and fabrics better. So be it normal washing, dry cleaning those special clothes, just ironing those washed clothes or starching and ironing your clothes, you can trust your clothes to us. We will launder your clothes exactly as we will treat ours. With care.

They will be packaged and sent to you in such a way that in no time you will start loving your wardrobe.